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    Since the dawn of modern business, leaders of businesses have found themselves alone. They face decisions with huge repercussions and rarely have a sounding board of trusted and like-minded peers with whom they can discuss the situation or lean into for wisdom.

    C12's proprietary Business Forums solves this issue; you join a forum of peers, other businesspeople who are successful and have extensive experience. Together they challenge each other, ask each other tough questions and question each other's answers. They learn together, share best practices and importantly, hold each other accountable. Membership in a Business Forum provides a leader with a group of 12 or more experts or 'consultants' that have diverse skills and experience and that join with you to provide and receive wisdom. A C12 Business Forum is a form of executive coaching, but with many coaches, not just one.

    C12 Business Forums are specifically geared for Christian CEOs and owners, because men and women of faith want advise and wisdom from a biblical and likeminded world view.

    That is a C12 Business Forum, where we build Great Businesses For a Greater Purpose.

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    Dr. Jeff Cerny
    Emerald Coast Chair
    • Phone: (850) 752-5327
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    Mr. Ricky Harper
    Principal Chair