• Girl Scout Cadette Creates CPR and First Responder Training Program and Club


    Girl Scout Cadette Creates CPR and First Responder Training Program and Club for Middle School Students at Ruckel Middle School
    In addition to training program and after school club named Ram Responders, she has created student accessible First Aid Kits to be located throughout the school.
    Niceville, FL February 24, 2023: Girl Scout Cadette Allison is completing her Silver Award, the highest award she can receive as a Cadette, by organizing a before school club that will provide CPR and first responder training for middle school students.  She is also currently seeking donations to create first aid kits that will be student accessible and strategically located throughout the school.  The Ram Responders club will meet a minimum of once a month after school and provide a different training and/ or review of various CPR and first responder hands on education learning experiences provided by certified instructors.  Quarterly the club will also inspect all first aid kits and ensure all contents are complete, to-date and would be ready if an emergency arises.  The goal of the club is to teach middle school students important life saving first responder skills that could help save lives in the event of an emergency.  As of February 24, 2023 the after school club has 30 middle school student participants.  The first meeting is scheduled to take place in March 2023 and Cadette Allison will be working on installing all first aid kit stations prior to the end of the school year.  Every year, starting in 2023-2024 school year, the club will vote among current participants for a club leader that will continue to work with certified instructors to schedule education meetings, organize club communications, and routine inspections of all first aid stations.  If your student is interested in participating and/ or if you are able to make either a monetary or item(s) for first aid kits donation please contact Allison.